X-Ray Exam


Do I need an appointment?

No you don’t need an appointment for a general x-ray.

What are the radiation risks with x-ray?

The risk of radiation damage from an x-ray is usually very low compared with the potential benefits of the test. Radiation exposure from a chest x-ray is equivalent to the amount of radiation exposure one experiences from our natural surroundings in 10 days. For more information on radiation exposure and safety please see: RadiologyInfo.org X-Ray Safety

How long will my x-ray take?

It depends on the type of exam. A chest x-ray can be done in as little as 10 minutes but more involved exams can take up to 30 minutes.

Will I need to remove jewelry?

Jewelry will need to be removed depending upon the area being x-rayed. For example earrings and necklaces will have to be removed for upper body x-rays, belly button rings for abdomen and lower spine/body x-rays.

When will I get results?

In most cases your physician will have your results within 24 hours, often less. Please be advised that we do not give results to you. You must get them from your physician.