Ultrasound FAQ

Do I need an appointment?

Ultrasound exams do need appointments. Please call our Kingsway, Hastings or 3 Road location in Richmond to book. Please give us 24 hours cancellation notice. We charge a fee for no shows.

How should I prepare for an examination?

Please see our ultrasound preparation page for specific preparation information. On the day of your appointment please wear loose clothing and refrain from wearing scented products.

Why do I need a full bladder for my pelvic or obstetrical scan?

A full bladder acts as a window into the body. It pushes some of the organs away and allows us to see much more clearly. A full bladder is absolutely essential for these exams.

How long will my exam take?

The average time for an ultrasound is 30 minutes. The can vary depending on the complexity of your exam so please allow for delays. We also ask that you arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment time to allow time for check in.

Can I bring family members/children with me?

Ultrasound exams are medical procedures and we do not allow anyone else to be in the room. Exceptions may be made for patients with physical or mental impairments, children, or in cases where an interpreter is required. In the case of obstetrical scans we do allow partners or a relative into the room once the medical portion of the exam is complete.

Can I still take my medication before my abdominal ultrasound?

Yes but please take with a very small amount of water.

Can I take pictures or videos during the exam?

No. We do not allow the use of personal recording or photography equipment in the exam rooms as this can interfere with the sonographer's ability to complete the medical exam.

Can the sonographer tell me my results at the time of the scan?

No. Under British Columbia's professional guidelines, the sonographer is not permitted to provide or discuss results. The exam must be checked by the radiologist and he/she will issue a report that is then sent to your doctor.

When will my doctor get the report?

Your report is usually faxed to your doctor by the end of the next business day - sometimes sooner. Urgent results will communicated as soon as possible.