Patient Information


A completed requisition from your physician or nurse practitioner is required for all exams and must be brought with you when you come for your exam. If you arrive without it we will not be able to perform the exam. If it is for a booked appointment you will be rescheduled.

If your requisition has the name and/or logo from another clinic you may still have your exam done at one of our clinics providing we provide the exam that has been requested.

We will perform only the examination(s) that has/have been indicated on your requisition. If you feel your doctor has not included the type of exam you think you should be having please contact him/her directly.


  • No appointment is required for general x-rays
  • Appointments are required for Ultrasound, Mammography, and Bone Mineral Density
  • Please give us 24 hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment.
  • We charge a fee of $50.00 for no shows.


You will be required to present your medical card (MSP Care Card or equivalent if you are from another province) when you check in for your exam. Parents or guardians bringing children will need to present the child's Card Card. Your card is required in order to confirm identity and to ensure that the information on the card matches the patient information on the requisition form. Please note that you are required to present your card at every visit.

Cost of services:

If you have medical coverage (BC and all provinces with the exception of Quebec) and the exam is being performed for a medical reason there is no cost to you. If you are a Quebec resident you will have to pay for your exam and then submit your receipt for reimbursement by the Province of Quebec.

If you do not have medical coverage or your exam is for non-medical reasons (ie: for admission to school or camp) you will be charged the amount as set by the British Columbia Medical Association. Please note that "routine" or "screening" exams are not considered medical reasons by MSP. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit card or cash at all of our locations.

Clothing, valuables, cell phones:

It is best to wear loose clothing when you come for your exam. Some exams will not require you to change but, should it be necessary, we will direct you to a change room and you will be given a gown or shorts to put on. Please don't leave valuables and wallets in the change room. They should be taken to the exam room with you.

In consideration for other patients please do not use your cell phone while in our clinics.

Perfumes and deodorants:

We are a fragrance free environment. Please refrain from the use of heavily scented perfumes and deodorants.


Please make arrangements for childcare when you come for an exam. We cannot look after them and, for safety reasons, they are not allowed into the exam room with you.

Exam results:

Exam results will be provided only to the physicians directly involved in your care. Any other practitioner wanting access to your results must obtain reports and or images from you or your doctor. Our technologists are not allowed to tell you your results. After your exam has been done it will be read by a radiologist and a report will be faxed to your doctor within 24 hours (often sooner). Results for urgent exams will be communicated to your physician as soon as possible.

Personal requests for records:

Copies of your results (reports or a CD of your images) will be released to you upon request but you must complete an "Authorization for the Release of Personal Records" which is available from our clinics. You will need to provide proof of identification. Due to privacy laws, we will not release your records to anyone other than yourself if you are over 18. We will release records to parents or guardians of those who are under 18.
There is a charge for these services. Please contact one of our offices to obtain the current fees.

Wheelchair patients:

We can accommodate wheelchair patients providing they are able to transfer to the exam table for their exam.
Please call the clinic you are interested in visiting for more information.